Friday, September 12, 2008

When inspiration seems far away

When it comes to design work, and other work that requires a creative mind, it is not always you have inspiration for the things you need to do. When I don't have any inspiration I force myself to come up with something. It's not a matter of doing the best work, it's about doing something to get your inspiration flowing.

When I don't have any inspiration at all I look in different magazines, at web pages and anything that has lots of colors in it. And then I just start, start by adding colors and shapes and then I come up with something. And it always works.

Forcing inspiration to come can be the beginning to a wonderful work even though it doesn't look so in the beginning.

What do you do when you don't have any inspiration?

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Revka said...

I look at my bookmarked inspiration and designers folders, but I also look offline, too. One design was inspired by a diaper bag, and I have two designs in my head that were inspired by Eater egg baskets.

Inspiration can come from any source if we just keep our eyes open.


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