Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Accepting that your outside can never be perfect

I've mentioned my acne problems earlier, how I badly want to get rid of my acne and even went for special acne treatment for it. A treatment that was more expensive than I could afford and didn't do much for me either. Of course not every one responds the same to acne treatments, what works for someone might not work for me.

Now after I had my miscarriage the doctor put me on anti-conceptional for me to take for at least three months. As most women know some of these little pills will give you acne and help you gain weight. Of course my acne has bloomed again and I prefer not to look in the mirror on those days.

But it has also made me realize that I will just have to wait on my acne for it to disappear. The more I think about it and the more I complain the worse it gets.

This isn't really about acne at all, it's about accepting that our outsides can never be perfect. We live in a world where we try to achieve a perfect outside at a high price. Have you thought about the price you are paying for that? The emotional price, $$ might get you a long way but if you don't accept yourself the way you are you can never become perfect.

I'd rather accept myself the way I am than criticizing myself every day. What about you?

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