Friday, October 31, 2008

Are you a fighter WAHM?

How much do you fight for your rights as a WAHM? Perhaps you don't need to, perhaps your family is really understanding and help you and support you, but what if they don't? What if they rather see you went out and got a "real" job and earned some "real money"?

If you believe in something you have to fight for your rights and your dreams. If you want to show others that it is possible then you have to have a plan on how to do that as well.

My husband has been pretty supportive of me working at home but I have also told him that if he tells me to work outside of home I will respect that and do what is necessary for our family. I cannot let my family starve just because I believe working at home is the right thing to do for me. But until then I will fight for my rights as WAHM and do what ever I can do make it work.

The WAHM life isn't easy. It can be pretty hard actually. And when you hit the bottom that's when you need to fight for your rights and show that it is possible. Even when you hardly believe it yourself.

How much have you had to fight for your WAHm life?

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