Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A life without technology?

I would be very happy if I lived out on the country side without any modern technologies to help me. I don't think I'd mind at all really.

But, please let me have a computer. I mean; what would I do all day? There are days I wish I could throw the computer out the window or get another job so I didn't have to depend so much on it. To use it only for fun.

But how would a life without technology be? Or a life without power? Once I was in the midst of the jungle in Thailand, there was no power whatsoever there. I have never seen stars so bright in my life. It was a lovely feeling. These people don't care about what a Linksys router is or how much a computer costs or where to get the best internet hosting. They are perfectly happy being where they are, without power, without technology.

And it seems so simple, the tech free life. Is it really? How dependent have we become when it comes to technology? I fear my son (5yr) will come and tell me any day now that he wants a cell phone because all his friends has one, because technology is advancing and its users are becoming younger and younger. Is this how it is supposed to be?

I think I can live a tech free life, with our without computer but without power... no I'd rather not.

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