Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quick appetizers

I don't write much about food on this blog, although I do have two food blogs. I love to stand in the kitchen and create. I say create because making dinner and desserts is creativity for me, I love making new things and try recipes.

It is quite boring making the same food all over again so I have months when I make lists of what we are going to eat the coming month, that way we never eat the same thing. Something I love reading are appetizer recipes, I love nibbling on different things. When we invite someone over I always go through my recipes and start thinking about how many appetizers we should have etc.

Well even if I am a WAHM it can be hard to find time to stand in the kitchen and this last year I have been spending less and less time there. But there are a few standard things I'd like to share with you so that you can quickly come up with something for your guests.

* Bread - either buy fresh bread or find an easy bake recipe that you can before your guests arrives. Some recipes only require one quick rest and no kneading.
* Olives - a great time saver, just open a jar, pour into a small bowl and put on the table along with toothpicks.
* Cheese - again very easy. Cut into small cubes and serve with the olives.
* Ham - buy a piece of cooked or smoked ham and cut into cubes.
Very easy and quick. Sometimes it are the small things that count up. The most important thing is to not limit yourself in the kitchen, use your creativity and don't be afraid to skip parts of the recipe and try new things. Have fun!

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tracy - recycling bin said...

Thanks for the advice on quick appetizers! The Holidays are coming up quick and as my family starts to talk about getting together it sounds overhwhelming since I am so busy. Easy ideas for having snacks around are always welcome.


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