Tuesday, November 25, 2008

13 Ways to make extra money for Christmas

As Christmas approaches and the world economy seem to be only going down I am sure many are stressed and thinking about how they can make extra money for Christmas. Here are a few ideas you can get started with and explore.

Please note that these are real tips and no get rich quick schemes. These tips can actually make you money all year around.

  1. Sell things you are not using. A pretty basic thing which is also easy. You can sell on eBay, on your blog or perhaps have a garage sale.
  2. Become a shopping assistant or personal shopper. Many elderly or those working full time might not have time to do all the shopping themselves. Offer your help with an outstanding service, you will surely be contacted again next year. Tip: make small cards and pass around, leave at public places and houses etc.
  3. Be creative and sell your art. If you are good at making crafts this can be a great thing for you. You can ask to team up with a local café or shop and sell your items through there.
  4. Babysit. It is hard to shop for gifts with the kids around. Offer some quiet shopping time. This can also be bartered between moms.
  5. Sell your husband. Not literally but you can sell his services. Around Christmas there are lots of things to be fixed around the house so your husband can be of high value to someone who needs extra help.
  6. Cook for others. Again; there are many who would appreciate some help and stress less. this is only recommended if you really know how to cook though. You can also sell cookies and cakes.
  7. Hold crafting classes. Why not educate others on how to make nice Christmas decorations and save money?
  8. Use your professional skills to educate others. We all have talents and we have all learned something that someone else would like to know. Think about what you know that someone else would like to know. Set up a small class and teach your skills to others. It can be about book keeping, household budgets, cooking, teaching unruly children to behave or just about anything. The important thing is that it is soemthing someone would like to know and they are willing to pay for it. With a little planning you can come a long way.
  9. Write articles and sell. If you like to write why not try and sell your articles at Daily Article?
  10. Write how to articles. Bright Hub pay $10 for each accepted article. Why not give it a try? Writers guidelines here.
  11. Text for others. Write short messages and get paid for it. Check out Texperts and Textbrokers.
  12. Make your blog work. Writing reviews is something anyone with a blog can do. Sign up with places like PayPerPost today! You can find more links in the above navbar.
  13. Scrap for others. Are you a keen scrapper? Why not make your talent make you money? Sell pre-made and custom made scrap designs to friends and family. A wonderful Christmas gift!
These are only a few ideas, there is plenty more to be discovered. What you need to do is look at your current situation and see how that could work for you. We all have something we are good at so you only need to dig out that talent and make it work for you.

Advertise your services.
Advertise your services on craigslist and the local newspaper, online, twitter, your blog etc. Make cards for friends to leave at their work and to help spread the word. Don't be afraid to market yourself!

Be frugal.
Need some tips on how to be frugal? Check out these 39 frugal tips to save money for Christmas.

Please do not fall for get rich quick schemes! Yes in some cases you need to pay for a good service in order to earn money but there are lots of scammers out there so please be careful. The number one rule is: never pay for a job. Remember: if it sounds too good it probably is. Another thing wort remembering is that the "get paid to click" schemes takes along time and will most probably not make you any money in time for Christmas. That is why I've given you tips that can work now!

If you would like to save money and make your blog pretty at the same time I suggest you keep an eye on RS Designs this Friday and the whole of December.

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Tracy said...

Thanks for the excellent tips! In these tough economic times we all need a little help in trying to get the Holidays taken care of smoothly.


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