Thursday, November 06, 2008

New world changes

No one can have missed this years big news; Barack Obama elected as the new President for The United States. I don't follow politics and honestly don't know much about it but I was very excited when I heard the news.

There are a lot of media speculations as to what will change and how it will change. Last night they asked some expert some rather silly questions on TV about how Obama's new leadership will change our state here in Brazil. I couldn't help thinking to myself "hey it's America that he will lead, not Brazil" Although the whole world will be affected in a way. If I lived in America and needed a North Carolina health insurance and worried the prices would go up even more then I would ask that question but not when I live thousands of miles away.

This has absolutely been a big example for the rest of the world and it feel as if the timing is just about right.

How do you think this will change America and the rest of the world?

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Tracy - hair tools said...

I believe that electing Obama was a great thing. The US needs to work on their relations with other countries and he is well thought of outside of the country.


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