Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas - the time to help others

There is something special about Christmas, it is the time when we open our hearts and help others. And there are many ways of helping, donating money to mesothelioma research, donating to homeless children, signing up for a sponsorship and so on.

I am trying to help the nursery my son attends by holding a charity event. I've always wanted to help the nursery and this year I've decided to open up the possibilities to help to others. The nursery attend children from low class families and depends on donations to function and care for the children. This year might be their last as they are behind with the bills. All contribution is voluntary but many families put their children there as a way to make sure their children get fed. These families are very poor and can't contribute to the nursery. Therefor I feel it is extra important to help these families and the nursery. If you would like to help please visit VA Charity and help today! The event is on until Thursday. You can also help me by blogging about the event and twitter about it.

Thank you.

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