Saturday, December 27, 2008

Did you have a Merry Christmas?

A late Merry Christmas from me! I hope your Christmas was good and you had a nice time. We had a very calm Christmas and didn't do anything at all. Well, or almost nothing at all. We have chilled and fixed around the house.

I resisted the urge to stress myself over cooking so this year has had very little Christmas food. The only thing we've had is ham and a ginger cake. That's about it. I will still make gingersnaps,probably this coming week.

I've done boring things like cleaning out the cupboards and organize. However, I have been educating myself at the same time listening to valuable mp3 resources from Mom Masterminds. So my mp3 player has been, and still is, plugged in where ever I go. Which is great and it has definitely made the cleaning more enjoyable. If you are a mom and serious about online business then you definitely need to join Mom Masterminds!

I'm still not really back at work. I'm only sneaking in quickly to see how things are going and to start planning for coming projects. My husband is off next week as well and I want to make sure we spend some quality time together. Instead I will be working offline. Even if my work is mostly online being offline and plan helps a lot.

So another Christmas has passed by and now we are all getting ready for New Year. This time of year can be quite stressful and you might feel you need a holiday after the holidays. The best thing to avoid burnout in these situations is to make sure you don't overload yourself with things that "needs" to be done. I hope you haven't been stressing too much but have had a Merry Christmas.

How was your Christmas? Did you have a Merry Christmas?

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