Tuesday, December 02, 2008

On my wish list: more time

Right now I wish I could ask for more time. I have two e-books to write and release within the coming two weeks, two design clients to attend to, a business to run (even though Revka is doing most part of it thankfully) my own sites to run and then a family to care for.

Now some might not agree with me and say it is a matter of prioritizing and focusing. Which I completely agree with. I could have managed my time better so I wouldn't be stressing right now. But life doesn't always turn out the way we plan it, actually it rarely does. Due to personal problems I've had to put some things back and am now trying to make up for it.

I am curious to see what 2009 will bring and I am certain it will be a great year. I feel that it is utterly important to plan ahead and that is what I will do. Some try and make up for lost time or bad work with magic tricks, I don't believe in magic tricks. I don't believe the best thing to lose weight quickly is to take quick fixes like Leptovox, I don't believe the best thing to do when lacking time is to compromise on the outcome. I believe in a more balanced lifestyle, be it a bout health or work. I believe you should always do your best and try to the best of your knowledge.

That is why you should always leave margins in everything you do. Start planning for 2009 now and include time margins, it will be much easier to achieve your goals then.

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