Friday, January 30, 2009

Maybe this year...

I've been wanting to go to Sweden for soem time now and hopefully this will be the year when I can go with my son. I'm just trying to plan everything first to make sure it all goes OK.

Since I will be traveling with a child I need to take extra care. All of a sudden I also get a little frightened. How will I keep track of my luggage and a very active child? I am having a hard time imagining my son sitting still for about 14 hours as he hardly sit still for 4 minutes. I've never been afraid of traveling by myself but now I'm worried that the airport is big and there are lots of people there.

Of course all these "problems" will sort them selves out when I get there. And hopefully this year I will be able to take my son to Sweden and show him my wonderful country. I just need to do a little bit more planning...

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