Sunday, January 18, 2009

A new year, new opportunities

A new year always brings new hope that new opportunities will come up. Many of us believe the new year will be better than the last one. I am usually very enthusiastic when the new year comes. Somehow it gives me new energy and I feel stronger to deal with things.

Companies usually try to make us believe we need new things to make the new year even better. My husband has received numerous calls from companies that is trying to get him to sign up for their membership cards.These calls can be a bit annoying but they can also come with very good offers and can be worth listening to.

New opportunities can come in various forms; a new opportunity to lose weight, to get a new job, to get pregnant, to travel. Of course these opportunities are often there all the time but with a new year comes the "resolutions". "This year I will..." is a common phrase to be heard in the beginning of the year. But how many keep these promises?

Have you set up any resolutions for this year? If not it's still not too late. We can change our life any time we want, new year of not....

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