Friday, January 30, 2009

Retiring designs at RS Designs

Remember the post where I told you about our custom Mommy cards at RS Designs? We were very happy to offer these services but we are now heading into new adventures at RS Designs and will only do them if specifically asked for.

Some big changes are coming and we will be changing our name and services. You can read all about it at our blog. We are having a big launch party in February and would love for you to help us spread the word. If you want to donate a prize you are more than welcome to email us.

All of our pre-mades will now retire so you have until tomorrow Jan 31st to grab the pre-mades! Hurry on over and if you can't find wht you want send us an email.

The mommy cards will be gone so make sure you get yours now!

Don't forget to stop by RS Designs and read more about our launch.

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