Sunday, February 15, 2009

A long Sunday

It is almost 5.30pm and it feels as if today has been an eternity. Last night I had to go to a church meeting and this morning we were supposed to continue at 8.30 am. So I got up at seven and ran to the bus at 7.30. When I get into town fifteen minutes later there is not a soul on the streets. Reminded me of a deserted city like in that film with Will Smith.

As I knew I was early I walked slowly along the streets and finally sat infront of the church to wait for it to open. I see a couple coming to church and also realizing it is closed. That's when it hit me; What time is it? See, Brazil changed to winter time last night and of course I forgot to change the time and put it back an hour. So really it was just seven o´clock in the morning.

I was quite angry with myself at that moment but decided to go back a few streets to a cafe I had seen open. So I had some light breakfast there and returned to an open church. I came home around 1pm and had lunch at my In laws. My husband who is a really handy man and fixes everything from leaking taps to bird cages started a project of his; making a bird cage from scratch. So for a few hours now I've been helping him with this and now in a little while I am going to church again. I still have to change the clocks around the house. Talking of taps; here in Brazil you will only find one way to turn on the tap as most house only have cold water. Therefore there is no need for a second faucet like the ones you can see at Kohler sinks. I found that really strange in the beginning but now I'm used to it.

Now I need to go and make dinner and then I'm off to church again, it feels as if it's been a long Sunday today. Though it's beena long day it's been a good day and I hope you've had a great Sunday too!

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