Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Making it easy for your clients to contact you

One of the things that ticks me off is when there is no way for me to contact a blog owner or a company online. Or when there is no obvious way to contact the person in charge and I need to dig around there site to find a way to get my questions answered.

And every time I think to myself; "is this person/company aware of how much they could be missing out on?" While you as a blogger might not want to put out your home telephone number on the net (and I see no reason for you to do that if you have an email address), a company can easily get a toll free number so that possible clients can contact them.

When you want to reach out to clients or possible advertisers for your blog there needs to be a way for them to contact you. And it needs to be rather obvious, not hidden away. If you think having your email address in your blogger profile is enough I'm sorry to say it's not. Ideally you should have it on your blog as well.

If I went over to your blog or site right now, would I find the necessary information to contact you?

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onangelwings said...

This is great information and I just checked my blog to make sure my contact information is easily accessible. Do you think I should also have it on my side bar beside the contact me button?

Linda said...

If you already have a clearly visible page , in the navbar for example, there is no reason to add another one in the sidebar. However if you don't then adding it in the sidebar with the "About me" is a good thing. Thanks for stopping by, come again :)


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