Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Reluctant changes

When my husband a few months ago expressed an interest to buy a new TV for our bedroom I was very hesitant and reluctant to that idea. I didn't like the idea that it would be so easy to watch TV, I worried it would deprive us from necessary sleep.

Well my husband decided to buy the TV anyway and of course it went straight into the bedroom. We considered buying a tv stand but decided to use a small dresser instead that was already in the room. It turned out I am now the one who wants to go to bed early and watch TV there. And it is very convenient to have two TV's. In fact - I really like it. No arguing over who wants to see what and everyone is happy.lol.

Sometimes I am quite reluctant to changes but I also realize they can also be good for us. We need to have an open mind and go with the changes. Changes are good whether we think so or not. As long as we do it in a good way.

What are you reluctant to change and why would it be so bad to change it? Think about that and see if it really is a s bad as you think it is.

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