Sunday, March 29, 2009

Five ways to find something to blog about

Blogging is fun, fun, fun, but it can also be boring, boring and boring. When it becomes boring you are probably suffering from bloggers block or writer's block as it is also called.

Don't panic though, there are several ways you can find that blogging inspiration again, it doesn't matter if you normally write about auto insurance, your dog or just your mommy life. Here are five strategies to get you back into blogging mode;

  1. Grab a newspaper or magazine. You can find hundreds of ideas in a magazine. Be open minded and see how you can twist the articles and re write them with your words and according to your topic. This is probably one of the best ways to find inspiration yet it is easily forgotten.
  2. Read what other bloggers are blogging about. Once again; this is a super easy technique that works almost every time.
  3. Get inspired by images. Go to or and grab some beautiful photos and let yourself get inspired. A picture says more than thousand words, let image talk to you.
  4. Go for a walk. This works for me every time I feel I am out or words. A walk around the neighborhood can give you lots to write about. As with everything in life it is how you look at your environment that determined how you succeed. Let your every day lie inspire you.
  5. Change environment. Get out and go somewhere else, preferably far from home. If you can't bring the computer bring a notepad and jot down ideas. Just a change of scene can make a big difference.
It's really not hard, we just get too focused on not knowing what to write about that we forget how easy it is too write. If you need even more ideas here are 20 surefire ways to beat writer's block.

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