Friday, March 13, 2009

An Internet dependent world

As I was watching Big Brother yesterday they asked what the participants missed the most from the outside world. Many of them said access to the Internet which made me think about how I would cope being without the Internet for a few months. I probably wouldn't.

A recent study show that more than 61% American adults can not imagine being without Internet access as they are hugely reliant on Internet. And ain't that true, we depend on the Internet more than we think. Unless there is a balance between 'real life' and 'internet life' our dependency can do us more harm than good.

With more and more people sing the internet higher is the demand for broadband speeds. These days everyone want a fast connection to get out on the net and surf as much as possible in no time. That obviously puts a higher demand on the internet providers and some of them struggle to meet the demands of their users.

This demand also leads to more opportunities for businesses and more businesses use internet marketing to reach new customers. You would think that by now most companies would know that Internet is an important channel to communicate with possible clients, funnily enough many companies have no idea of the great potential it has.

And if your business isn't already on the net; what are you waiting for?

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