Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Moms- how serious are you about your business?

If you are a mom with a home business I want to ask you just how serious you are about your home business.

Are you willing to invest in your business? This is one of the toughest questions ever for moms and do I know it! I've been there and I know how it is to want to invest in your business but not have the money to do so. I've been there and I know how hard it is to justify spending money on your business when your family needs it. I know, believe me.

I'm all for free things and I was all for free things when I started my online venture. Today I've learned that the best things do not come for free. You can search all you want and tell yourself you don't need to buy information or products for your business because the free version will do just as well. I hate to tell you mom but that is not true.

I've learned that it takes money to earn money. It took some time for me to understand this.

Free is good but imagine how much time you are wasting searching for all this information and how much money you are losing out on. If you have a free blog, a free website, a free this and a free that and then ask your customers to pay for your things, how can you expect them to take you seriously?

I don't recommend fluff, I don't recommend things I don't believe in but there is one thing I will recommend to you business mom, and that is the best investment you can ever make for your online and offline business: Mom Masterminds.

Mom Masterminds has been the best thing ever to me in regards to business and online marketing. And it is definitely worth the money every month!

There are e-courses, resources, e-books etc in there that are being sold for hundreds of $ but you get for free. You get access to a wonderful community of focused and determined women who are actually making a full time income online. You get invaluable support from other moms who have been where you are. New learning resources are added every month and exclusive MM meet ups both online and offline are arranged.

I consider myself truly blessed for finding this online community and today I gladly pay the monthly fee without blinking. Trust me, it is the best investment you can make for your business! You will learn how to grow your business in more ways than one and how to truly benefit from all the assets you already have.

If you would like more information about Mom Masterminds, check out the blog or email me for more information and I'll help you. But really, it will be money spent wisely and not something you will regret. After 18 months of membership you get a free lifetime membership and the monthly fee you are paying will pay itself off with everything you learn at MM.

So how serious are you about your business? Ready to take that leap and get really serious? Join today!

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