Sunday, March 08, 2009

When small problems become big problems

It is amazing how we humans add problems to our lives. Some are better at it than others but most of the time we complicate our lives more than we have to.

I am dealing with a few problems right now concerning my Sweden trip. These are quite small problems but of course I worry about them;

* I'm worried about the long flight with my son and busy airports.

* I'm worried the weather won't be good; can't do much about that really.

* I need a memory card to my digital camera; solution: look into micro sd memory so I can take lots of pictures.

* I've started thinking about how much clothes and luggage we need to bring with us. I want space to bring back some things as well. I will be the one to carry the luggage so it can't be too big.

* I'm worried my son will miss hiss daddy so much that he will cry the whole time we are away.

*I'm worried my son will have communication problems because his Swedish isn't very good. Need to start practicing more Swedish.

These are only examples of small problems I am creating and making into big problems. Of course these problems do all have solutions so really it depends on me how important and how much of a big problem I make them.

It is easy to think our problems have no solution, what we need to remember is that normally they can be solved. The only thing we need to do is think logically and come up with a solution that works.

Do you make your small problems turn into big ones?

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Suzel O'Donnell said...

OI querida, que saudades...nao fique brava comigo. Fui para o Brasil com o marido, a filha, e a mae. Encontrei os meus filhos no Rio de Janeiro e tivemos as nossas ferias por lah por aproximadamente 18 dias. Fomos para Londrina sim, o tempo passou super rapido, nao visitei ninguem...foi ateh estressante para falar a verdade. Quando voce vem para a Europa? Carrega pouca coisa, pois eh muito complicado muita bagagem. Seja pratica em tudo e vc nao vai se arrepender. Relaxa, nao se estresse, e faca da sua viagem uma temporada inesquecivel. Passa super rapido, e aih vc vai ficar sonhando com outra chance. Estou aguada para ir de novo, ou o que Deus preparar.

Blessing darling

Your friend forever


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