Thursday, April 02, 2009

It's what you make it that counts

A friend of mine told me she will be spending the night at a hotel with her husband tonight. She is leaving the kids with their granddads and going to meet up her husband at the hotel where he is staying because of his job.

When she told me I thought that would have been very nice to do actually. Just sneak away with the husband for a fun night out. It doesn't need to be a fabulous and chic hotel, it can just be a simple one. The important thing is to do something different once in a while with your husband. There are lots of unique hotels that offers everything you could possibly think of and of course it would be nice to get a little pampered.

If money is an issue or you for some reason can't spend the night at a hotel, then make an effort to create a special atmosphere at home. Put on some nice relaxing music, lit a few candles and make a nice dinner. It won't be the same as staying at a hotel, but it cans till very very nice.

A little bit of effort can go a long way and it is what you make it that counts. And that goes for all in life.

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