Monday, April 27, 2009

Modern, cool or practical?

When I was younger I didn't think too much about practicality. I wanted things to be cool or modern, practical was a second option or even third or fourth.

These days I think differently. Even if I had money to buy a Ferrari It woulds till be more difficult to find Ferrari parts than it would be to find Volvo parts. See and that is where practicality comes in, I would prefer to have a car that is not as fancy but that will get me where I want to get to.

It seems to me though that practicality is not as important nowadays, even less than it was when I was a teenager. This is also affection our well being and health. Young girls, small little girls are using high heels from early on and are left with heel problems for the rest of their lives. Because of what? Because it was cool, and very modern at the time. When they are older and are having problems with their feet who will they blame? Most likely their moms who let them use it.

I so prefer to be practical then modern or cool, less of a headache.

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