Friday, April 24, 2009

On the frugal side

At the moment I am being quite frugal because I want to save some extra money, which includes avoiding anything that says sale. Actually I am pretty frugal already but it can always improve and I've slipped a bit lately.

If you need to save some extra money there are thousands of ways you can do that. I was extra happy when I found the "Wanting what you have" blog. It is a wonderful blog for anyone who wants to save money or just learn how to do things in a frugal and natural way.

Heather, the blogger, has got several tutorials on how to make things yourself the frugal and natural way. I found a nice post about how to make your own baby wipes, I will definitely be trying that if/when there is another bay in the house and I will recommend it to my friends.

Another place I'm checking out in order to become even more frugal is the Totally Frugal forums. I especially like the sub forum with lots of ideas on how to make your own things like soap etc.

I'm sure that in these times economic crisis everyone no one will say no to some extra money. What are you doing that is frugal?

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