Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Planning for a baby

Planning for a baby is so much fun! All of a sudden you are allowed to dream away and think about cute baby clothes and everything else that is "needed".

One of the most fun things I think must be to decorate the baby's room. And even if you aren't buying much only some new baby bedding will light up a normally dull room because it is so cute. Important is to decorate with things that are kid friendly because the little baby will grow up and won't be still for long.

We are very likely to dream away a bit too much when we find out we are having a baby or someone close to us are. This is when it is important to remember we don't need everything. How many parents to be didn't buy things they never used? Babies grow incredibly fast, faster than we normally want them too. I look at my "baby" he is already 5! Where did that time go??

How you can save money for the coming baby
Ask friends and family to help you out and buy necessary things, they are often more than willing to help with things for the new baby. If you want to do a baby shower, do some planning so you don't end up spending more on your guests than what you actually will get in return. That is not being greedy, just organized and practical.

Take advantage of coupons and sales, a few cents here and there can get you a long way.

There are several ways of spending less when planning for a baby, just think things through and you will be alright.

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