Saturday, April 25, 2009

You get what you pay for...

Last week I had to go into town to buy shoes for my son and I found it be no easy task. My son wanted a pair of Spiderman sneaker or even better; Ben 10. Well my budget couldn't really afford that because he needed a few other things as well so it was frugality mode that was on. I did find a pair of Spiderman sneakers that were within a reasonable price range but I was quite shocked when one of the salesmen told me that the sneakers were not legitimate.

I said "but how can you sell that?" I was referring to the shop being an established business and even if I know their shoes are not the best quality always I didn't think they wouldn't be legitimate. The response was "well people wants it". Which was a pretty simple answer, and at the same time I realized that the pair of Spiderman sneakers we bought for my son a few months ago from the same place probably were not legitimate either only that I never knew it. They fell apart after a few days so I should have thought about it...

Brazil is totally different from Europe and USA when it comes to shopping. There you could probably find UGG Australia boots without a problem whereas here shoes like that caters to a totally different social class and would be difficult to find.

In the end I did find a pair of sneakers for my son that were of good quality and at an affordable price. Now next month it's my turn, I like Reebok but will probably go for another (legitimate) brand within my spending budget.

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